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Four in one CO2 laser is an ideal choice in the fields of Cosmetology, medical treatment and surgery. Using safe intelligent scanning head, the treatment area can choose a variety of graphics for skin treatment, skin repaint, scar pregnancy marks removal, melanin removal; medical stainless steel gynecological treatment head, tightening the vagina, bleaching labia effect is remarkable; 7 joint light guide arm, 360 ° rotation, combined with a 100 mm cutting head for laser surgery; The laser imported from USA has stable power and long service life.

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Established in 2014, Haidari Beauty Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer who focus on researching and producing Medical and Aesthetic laser equipment and industrial machine in China.

Haidari Beauty also provide OEM and ODM services based on clients’ desires.

As Haidari Beauty as part of your business, you can inspire and empower your clients to enhance their beauty and improve their quality of life with safe, predictable and effective treatments.

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